Where is our moral outrage?

Under the church, the state separated children and parents in Canada for over 100 years. Under the church, men used their authority to abuse, destroy lives and even murder innocent children. Evil was safe under the church, the innocent were not.

Church, where is where is your moral outrage?

We can’t meet together because of a virus that plagues all humanity, and you’re outraged. You’re angry. You stand against the state.  

Where is your anger when it comes to the souls of thousands of people who now forsake Christ because of what is done in His name, in Protestant and Catholic churches alike? How many have to suffer at the hands of those who claim the name of Christ before your moral outrage will be directed to those within the church who exercise authority in ways that do not follow God’s law?  

Why are we so focused on beating down those who do not believe when there are those within our own midst who refuse to follow Jesus’ teachings and actively drive away people from Christ’s message of Grace and Salvation?

Church, where is your moral outrage??


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