I've been meditating on an idea I had some time ago. I believe that this morning Jesus asked me to share it with you.

January 2, 2015

Today I was thinking about the nature of our relationship with Christ, as His bride. My thoughts strolled along, amd I started thinking about the nature of relationships in general, and how an emotionally healthy person won't naturally be attracted to an emotionally unhealthy one.

"What does this mean for our relationship with God, as the bride of Christ?" I wondered. "Why does He love us when we're so unhealthy? Is He unhealthy too, and we just don't know it?"

I thought back to that time in my own life when I was emotionally unhealthy. If Peter had met me back then, he wouldn't have been attracted to me. In fact, I wouldn't have blamed him if he'd run away from me, screaming!

I seriously doubt whether any healthy human being would have the fortitude to stick around with someone through extreme emotional sickness―particularly if the person has never been any other way―to wait for the final result, and at the same time remain healthy themselves. Love would be tainted with the infestation and decay of emotional sickness.

But somehow God transcends this. He sees us as we will be. He loves us as if we are already perfected. Through that love, He gives us the grace and forgiveness we need to become the perfect people He loves.

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