This past week, in my devotions I read through the account of Jesus’ arrest, in Mark. I’ve been learning from my husband Peter to put myself in the shoes of the people mentioned in the Bible stories. Often, I get a great deal of insight into the human dynamics when I imagine what my own reactions might have been in similar circumstances.

As I considered Jesus’ arrest and subsequent crucifixion, I thought about how He might have appeared powerless to those around Him. By any human standard, He was powerless. Little did those around Him realize that He was actually God, with the hosts of heaven at His disposal.

It’s human nature to sometimes cling to things that make us feel powerful, even in situations when we are otherwise powerless. This technique can be all the more potent if we truly do possess some sort of power that others are not aware of. We hold on to something we know is true, even if others don’t recognize its truth. I wondered if Jesus had done the same thing. Perhaps clinging to the knowledge of His true deity and power helped Him get through the difficulty of the cross. He did, after all, state to the apostle Peter that He had legions of angels at His disposal; and to Pilat that he had no authority except what God had given him.

“Did You remember Your power to help You endure those times when you externally seemed powerless?” I asked Him. “Did that help You persevere through the most difficult parts of Your suffering and death?

“No, Valerie,” He responded. “At those most difficult times of suffering and powerlessness, I didn’t remember My power. That wasn’t what helped me get through. I remembered My love. I remembered you.”

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