This month, I thought I’d share with you how the plane flight went, from Japan to Canada.  If you’ve read our latest newsletter, you will remember the story that I shared about how we made the decision to come back to Canada by plane. When it came time to decide whether to come by air or sea, we prayed about it.

God said, “Go by air. Don’t worry, you won’t have any sort of health repercussions from the 11+ hour plane flight. I will heal you in time for it. Trust me.”

I struggled with this for a bit. If I was hearing God wrong, and He hadn’t promised what I’d thought He had, I was facing potential life-long injury, and a lot of pain. I’d been in that place of pain four years ago, and never wanted to go through it again.

But soon God challenged my reluctance, and I realized that I needed to take the (what seemed like a gargantuan) step of faith, and trust in Him.

Big breath.

We booked our tickets.

We reserved three seats. This would give me more room to shift around. We also paid a little extra for the row where passengers have more leg room.

October 19th arrived, and we trekked off to the airport.

“You know, you can’t raise the arm rests in that row,” the lady at the check-in desk told us.

Oh. We’d forgotten that little detail. It had been four years since we’d flown, and the airline sales agent hadn’t told us this when we booked, even though we’d had to explain in intricate detail why we were reserving an extra seat.

“Can we switch to a different row then?” I asked.

“Sure. I’ll put you in the row behind the one you booked.”

What’s going on, God? I prayed. We asked You which row to book, and we thought You were clearly telling us to get the extra leg room. Did we mis-hear You?

The clerk finished switching our seats.

“We paid extra to get more leg room,” I said. “Can we get a refund for that payment, since we’re not using the legroom anymore?”

“I’ll check.” She went off to talk with her supervisor.  A few minutes later she returned. “I’m sorry, we can’t give you a refund, but here’s what I’ll do for you. You can have the seats in your new row for free, and I’ll also keep your original row for you. Both rows will be reserved for you.”


We were floored. God had just provided six seats for the two of us on an otherwise-full plane!

The flight passed smoothly. We had lots of space to move about. I sat for about 10 of the 11 hours, but there was one hour in there where I needed to lie down. I was able to do so in the row behind, and Peter still had three seats all to himself! He wasn’t suffering.

When it came time to land, everything was fine; and my body seems to be even better now than it was when I first stepped onto the plane back in Japan.

When we later told this story to a friend, she pointed out that God had also prevented anyone from pre-booking that extra row behind our original seats. We’re still shaking our heads at how marvellously our He provided for us, so far beyond anything we could have asked or imagined.

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