Last Thursday, we went out to feed Blackie again, in the evening. When we found her, we sat down along one of the many pedestrian paths in our area, and began to feed and pet her. Eventually, a man came up to us and sat down with us.

"My name is Theo," he said. We chatted for a little while, before his body language changed. "Have you eaten dinner yet?""Yes, we have."

"Do you like sushi?"


"Come with me. Let's eat sushi!"

Should we go with him? I asked God.

"Yes," He replied.

With that the man got up, and led us around the corner to a little restaurant and bar that only opens at night.  As we entered, he turned to us. "This is my friend's shop. Don't worry about money. I will pay."

What's going on? I wondered.

As we sat on the tatami area, eating our sushi, liver, and sprouts, the man proceeded to tell us what had happened.

"I saw you outside, from the window in my house. I received a message from above that I should go and meet you."
Our eyes widened.

"I went out to meet you, and saw that you were feeding the cat. I don't like cats, but when I saw you with that one, I was deeply moved. I knew you were gentle people. I went outside because of that message from above, but sitting down with you - that was my decision."

"We are so happy to have met you," we said. "We're very happy to become your friends."

"We are not friends," he responded. "You are very kind people. My feeling is that we are family."

He introduced us to the couple who own the shop.

"I see you all the time, walking around our neighbourhood, " the husband said. Instant warmth.

"Why are you here?" Theo asked.

"We've come to share Jesus' love with the people of Okinawa. We're missionaries, working with Seaside Chapel."

"Oh! I went to a Christian school when I was a boy. I know the cross and its suffering. I have heard that it gives life."

We continued to chat for a long time. He is in his early sixties, and has three kids, one a doctor. It soon became apparent from our conversation that he is not a Christian, though he is interested in spiritual things.  He was very patient as we looked words up in our dictionaries and stumbled through conversation.

After two hours, Theo sat back. "Ok, I think we're about done here. Do you want to go to karaoke?"

By this time, it was 10pm, and we had a long day ahead of us the next day. "I think that we will not be able to go with you tonight. It is pretty late, and Peter has just recently been sick. Can we go another time?"

"Yes. Can I have your phone number?" We exchanged phone numbers, and said goodnight.

Yesterday, we received a phone call from Theo, and arranged to meet up tomorrow for dinner. Who knows? Maybe afterwards we'll head out to karaoke!

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