You can click on the link below to see a PDF sample of the materials from one of our Bible ESL classes.

Sample ESL class.pdf

So far we have created one 12-week Bible ESL class, with another 5-week Christmas class in the works. After that, we will begin writing material for next year. It’s a fairly monumental task, requiring 2-3 days’ work per lesson. Our students have been enjoying experiencing the English language and Western culture on a multi-sensory level. Each lesson is made up of 6 pages. We have shown about 1/3 of a lesson here.

Some of your have been asking about our schedule, so that you can pray more specifically for us. There are, of course, daily activities and special events, but the schedule below should give a basic idea of our weekly rhythms.

Weekly Schedule.pdf

You can get a more up-to-date view of each week’s activities and special events by going to our calendar.