Well, it’s been a few days since the last typhoon. The electricity came back on in the evening of September 30th, but not before our favourite ice cream turned into a big puddle in our freezer!

This is a short post because I wanted to show you a video of the typhoon. The radio station that updates us on the typhoon’s activity stopped transmitting a couple hours in, but our pastor later told us that this was the worst typhoon in more than 60 years! This video was taken from inside of our apartment… all the sounds are sounds we heard, but much much louder, and at times scarier too! The tree in the video is very large, but it hasn’t fared well in the last few storms.

As of Tuesday, I have noticed that there are still places without electricity. That’s three days! The damage has been relegated to a few broken signs, downed trees, and many broken branches. I haven’t really seen any severe damage where we are, and life is getting back to normal. Today (Wednesday) I did our standard post-typhoon car wash. Typhoons bring vast amounts of seawater and debris inland, so when the typhoon is finished, the car is covered in a sticky film and needs to be cleaned off. People lining up for car washes can wait anywhere from minutes to hours. Today the line was on the shorter end of the spectrum (about 1/2 hour), so now with a clean car, I no longer have to be embarrassed! :)

Take care, and enjoy the video!