Canada Day has come and gone, but I have to say this is probably one of the best Canada Days I’ve ever experienced. We had food, friends, fellowship and fireworks! Who can ask for more?Our tiny 450 square foot apartment was filled with 27 guests (we were expecting about 15-20 – good thing Val always plans more food than we need). There were points where we couldn’t see the floor! It took us 2 days to cook all the food, and a measly 4 hours to eat it all! Many of our guests took home doggy bags – which reminds me: beforehand our whole fridge was full, plus two large coolers!

We hung Canadian flags from our lights, displayed Canadian paintings on our walls, played Canadian music , decorated a Canadian cake, gave away Canadian keychains, and had Canadian door prizes. At then end of the party we set off Okinawan fireworks in the park beside us (our friend brought them for us – what a great gift!).

We want to thank all our friends at Seaside Chapel for helping take our minds off of missing home and family. It was amazing… what an incredible party and blessing!