The most expensive KFC ever!

Well, our adventure continues! Two weeks ago I took the plunge and went to KFC. We have one just around the corner from our house. It always seems to be empty, but there is always a car in the drive-through. I entered the restaurant (there was a statue of Colonel Sanders beside the door… he was dressed up like Santa!) and walked up to the counter. In broken Japanese I think I said something to the effect of “KFC… Christmas… Buy?” At the end of the embarrassing sentence I just stood there like an idiot (that seems to be happening a lot)… Then I said “I don’t know much Japanese.” (That line I’ve got down pat… I must say it about 10-20 times a day.) They smiled politely, and started talking to me. I have no idea what they said. I said to them “I don’t understand”. The senior person there figured out that I was definitely a foreigner, and I most certainly knew very little Japanese. She came around the counter and motioned me to come to the table (which I hadn’t seen upon entering) and asked me to choose what I wanted to order. After talking with Val and choosing the meal, I looked at the order form, and filled out what I could. I managed to fill out my phone number, and postal code and name all by myself! But I couldn’t figure out which meal was which. So I carried the whole menu up to the front counter. I pointed to the menu, and then to the order sheet and then just looked confused. That was enough. The girl behind the counter was able to fill out the rest of the form. I told her I wanted to pick it up on December 23rd at 4pm. I paid for it, she printed the receipt and started giving her usual spiel. It probably would have gone something like this: “Thank you for order combo number “x”. We will be pleased to have it ready for you on December 23, at 4 pm. Please bring your receipt back with you when you come to our humble restaurant to pick it up. We were pleased to serve you. Have a good day.” However after the first 4 words it became evident that I still understood nothing… so she stopped. She came around the counter. She presented the receipt to me with both hands. She bowed as she said the date and time. She made a motion that I was to return with the receipt in hand at 4 pm on December 23, and said “thank you”. At that point, I left. I was both quite satisfied with my completion of the KFC task, and thoroughly embarrassed… but that’s what happens almost every day (except for the days I stay home)… I’m starting to get used to that mix of feelings!

KFC Plate
Kentucky Christmas 2011

On December 23rd, at precisely 4pm, I was there at the KFC to pick-up our 8 pieces of chicken, salad, and cake (for about $50 CDN). It was in one large KFC bucket… and to my surprise it had a commemorative plate on top! We got more than we bargained for! The KFC itself was excellent. It tasted better than what we eat in Canada… maybe they haven’t outlawed trans-fat… or perhaps the KFC’s top secret 11 herbs and spices are not the same in Japan. Whatever the reason, it was the best, most expensive KFC I have ever eaten! The salad was good too… they used what looked to be rice puff croutons and the salad dress was very light, yet the flavour couldn’t be identified by either myself or Val. (and neither of us could read the label!) I ate most of the chicken, and Val ate most of the cake. It’s a symbiotic relationship… Val loves the sweet stuff and I love the protein – works out for both of us!

Well that’s the story of our Kentucky Christmas. We both pray that you all had a wonderful and a very Merry Christmas indeed.