I’ve just listened to a podcast of a talk given by a Japanese pastor from the Fukushima area. It was so incredibly touching to hear more of the stories coming out of the earthquake, tsunami, and nuclear zones. This is about 1 hour and 20 minutes long, but if you decide to listen to it, the time is well worth it. Be sure to listen right through the question period. There is a lot of richness in the answers there.

It’s really amazing to hear once more of how the worldwide church has been self-effacing and only desiring to bring glory to God. In fact, the people in these areas have started to call the Christian workers “Jesus” or “Mr. Christ”.

There are stories of children calling out, “Grandma, Jesus brought us food!”, or “Mr. Christ is having a barbeque!”. How amazing it is to be Jesus’ body in these times of need. How much more amazing when the Japanese decide that they want to worship this God whose love and compassion are so clear. Listen and see…

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