I was doing my devotions this morning and read about Jesus feeding the 5,000 with five loaves and two fish (Mark 6). I’ve always liked this miracle, but today a new meaning came to mind. In the same way Jesus said to the disciples “You feed them” (Mark 6:37) he’s calling Val and I to do the same. But I know I am not able. Then Jesus says to us “How much language do you have?” My response is: “A few words Lord, and a pretty good dictionary!” Then with that Jesus begins to do the work. We are bringing such a small offering, just like a child, but then Jesus turns it into something marvelous and amazing.

It was such an encouragement to read this at the start of this day. We have just returned from Kobe, where we received more training and met fellow Asian Access missionaries. It was very encouraging, yet very draining. I have been feeling quite discouraged about my language skills, and I often think – will I ever be effective for God here? But this miracle reminds me that my strength is not in myself, it is in Christ. He can take what little we know and multiply it for His service.

“Heavenly Father, thank you for showing me today that it is your strength that matters. It is your hands at work, multiplying and feeding the people. Lord thank you that you have graciously invited me to participate with you as you minister and invite people to yourself through the work of the Holy Spirit. Lord, I pray that you would continue to mold in me a humble heart, that I would be willing to step out in faith, do things I’m not comfortable with, and be willing to be a language fool for you. I pray that you would overcome my language mistakes so that people would not hear just my mistakes, but that their ears would be open and hear your message of salvation, love, grace, mercy and hope in their lives. Amen.”

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