We have been staying at “New Life Church: Seaside Chapel” for the past several days while waiting for our apartment to be ready. We will be able to move into our new home around October 1st. On our third day here something amazing happened.

We were pretty tired out because of the time change, so we took a rather lengthy nap. Afterwards, we had planned to go grocery shopping, but we dawdled a bit because we were slow to wake up. Just as we were getting ready to leave there was a knock at our door. Standing there was a man, a little younger than us. He didn’t speak any English, and we couldn’t understand him. We tried to communicate for a while, to no avail. Finally, Peter had the idea of getting him to write down what he wanted to say in Hiragana (phonetic Japanese). We looked the words up in our dictionary.

He said, “My life is tired. I want to talk with someone.”

We kicked into high gear. For all we knew, this man might harm himself. We called around some of our emergency numbers and finally were able to get hold of Tsuneko Sensei (the wife of the senior pastor here). She talked with him on the phone for a while, and he agreed to meet with her. She arrived in about an hour.

After a long conversation, she let us know what had happened. Apparently, the man was a Christian. He lives in this area and felt compelled to come into the church that night. Like so many Japanese, he had fallen away from Christ after his initial decision to follow Jesus. He was feeling increasingly isolated and lonely and had been taking lots of sleeping pills. After Tsuneko Sensei talked, and prayed, with him he said that he felt more hopeful about the future. He is planning to come to our church this Sunday, and wants to be a student in our ESL classes!

Praise God for using weaklings like us to be available to help a young man in his need!