God, I don’t know what You’re doing. We are all gung-ho to continue on in meeting with potential ministry partners in getting ready to go to Japan, and preparing for me to resign my job once we get to 75% of our monthly requirement. But at every turn this month You have set postponed and cancelled appointments, and people saying “wait”, in our path.

Lord God, the message seems very clear: “Wait on Me.”

Help me to trust You, I pray. I do trust You. Help me to be content with waiting. Help me to do my best at my job, and not to begrudge this little extra time. Help me to abide in You and find my rest.

You are the God of the universe. You hold all the strings of all history in Your hands. I know that Your plans are good and perfect, so Lord please help us – please help me – to rest in Your timing. Help me not to chomp and the bit, paw the ground.

You have taught us so many lessons during the last 6 months. Continue Your teaching, I pray, and make me a good student. Help me to learn my lessons well.

You are my Rock, my Fortress, my Saviour, ever-present in times of trouble, my Joy, my Love. Thank You for Your infinite care. Thank You for this time of waiting. Because of it, when You say “go” I’ll be much more confident in the knowledge that You have orchestrated the timing with precision. Thank You for the lessons we will learn. Thank You for Peter, who was able to be an encouragement when I was discouraged. Thank You for the privilege of serving You.

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