Over the last few weeks, I’ve had an increasing sense of “mono no aware”. That’s a Japanese term for an awareness of the transience of things and a bittersweet sadness at their passing. This has been made more acute with the death of my friend, Nancy, and Peter wrapping up his pastoral responsibilities with our church. In anticipation of all of the preparations that will be required before we leave for Japan, Peter has now resigned from his post as associate pastor at Hope Community Church. Our time with Hope has been such an amazing period of growth, encouragement, rejuvenation, and preparation. I find myself feeling very sad at the prospect of leaving behind all of our friends and family. I miss them already!

That’s been the one thing I’ve not been looking forward to in all of this: homesickness. Peter and I know a couple who were missionaries for 16 years. They had some fierce struggles with homesickness while away. One thing that I will never forget that they told us was, “Every tear that falls, every ache of homesickness, will be a sacrifice that goes straight to the feet of Jesus.” Somehow that makes it a little easier, a little more worthwhile – knowing that these things are precious to Him.

Philippians 4:13: “I can do all things through Him who strengthens me.”

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