I have no rhythm. This is a fact that over the years I have grudgingly come to accept. Though I love to clap to worship songs, I invariably start on the wrong beat or lose the spacing between beats very quickly. When my friend, Nancy, was alive she also loved to clap. The difference was: she had rhythm. So, I would follow her lead. That way, I could enjoy the activity without self-consciousness. When I was on the worship team, Peter actually had us practice clapping to “Go Tell It on the Mountain” each Christmas for my benefit. I still need the practice.

Yesterday, during the worship service the first song was one that I really wanted to clap to, but there was a problem: no one else was clapping. There was no one to follow. After a moment’s hesitation I started clapping anyway… and a wonderful thing happened: I was on-beat! I wasn’t losing the beat! Other people started clapping too – other people were following my lead! It was incredible: here I was worshipping God, and clapping without a second thought to getting it right! What elation! Move over gift of tongues – for that song I had the gift of clapping! And, boy, did I enjoy it!

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