While sick, I’ve been listening to lots of podcasts/videocasts. Yesterday I watched yet another Meeting House videocast (“Living in the Spirit Now”). It talked about how we can potentially go from cradle to grave and never truly live in the present moment. Examine, for example, the act of taking a sip of water. There are three parts to this action:

1. Picking up the glass and moving it to your mouth,
2. Sipping, and
3. Putting the glass back down.

Typically, we are already anticipating the sip when we pick up the glass; we are already anticipating the water easing our thirst when we sip; and we have already moved on to the next task in our minds while putting down the glass. But how often do we stop to just enjoy the simplicity of the task?

As I wrote this in my journal, I couldn’t help but wonder: how often do I enjoy the simple act of writing? Writing means that I have useable hands and arms, a useable brain, eyes that can see, education to know the letters. How many things there are to be thankful for, even in this simple act! Instead, I complain when I get writer’s cramp: the height of ingratitude.

God, forgive me for my ingratitude! Thank You for showing me this slower pace of life, and for not allowing me to simply let life pass me by as I live in some time other than now.

Now is the time that I have been given. Now I will give thanks. Now I will worship. Now I will live my life to glorify Him.

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