Our latest newsletter should be arriving at your door or in your inboxes in the next week. We’re really excited about how God is moving. We are continually seeing His blessings in our lives by the way he is sustaining us during this incredibly busy season. During the middle of March, we were busy meeting with churches and friends, as well as working at our jobs. Our initial enthusiastic energy was coming to an end and the reality of our busy schedule started to hit us physically and mentally. I remember looking ahead to an evening appointment and praying, “Lord, we need your strength to get through, because we most certainly can’t.” About two hours later I was contacted by the person we were meeting. They were really apologetic but they needed to reschedule. We made alternate arrangements immediately, but God used that to give a chance to be refreshed and readied for the week ahead. I was amazed at how God took a bad situation (a cancelation, and our tiredness) and made a positive. I guess in God’s kingdom two negatives really do make a positive!

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