A dear friend of ours recently passed away. Her death was very sudden, and for the last few days, I’ve just been numb with the shock. The good thing is that she was a Christian, so although she leaves behind her husband and two daughters, they have the amazing assurance that they will see her again.

Her husband shared with us a prayer that she’d written to God in the front of her Bible: a prayer that she would follow God all the days of her life. I thought, “What an amazing thing – God honoured her prayer.” She loved God, and she loved people. Her death has once more reminded me of the need to keep people as the priority in our lives.

I wrote a poem for her husband and children:

Colours in my memory dance together to make you.
You were beautiful.
And now you’re gone.
And we, left here below, look around and
Things are not the same.
You’re not here.
The place you’ve gone is real now,
More than before.
And one day we’ll follow:
At last.