I recently told a friend, “After all this time, Peter and I have finally applied and been accepted to become missionaries in Japan!” She commented to me that it sounded like we were a bit frustrated with the process of getting there.

It’s surprising, but our frustration level is actually very low. We’ve gone through bouts of frustration, but God has always been faithful to provide us with a small glimpse of what He’s been doing behind-the-scenes. For instance, there was one point where we were really quite frustrated with the sheer time that it was taking to get through the application process. Several important documents had gotten lost in the mail (e.g., character references, transcripts) where we had never had anything lost before. However, looking back on that time we realize that if we’d been accepted right away we would have had to go through the support raising process when the Yen-Dollar conversion was particularly horrible. It would have been daunting to raise such a huge amount of support in Canadian Dollars! 
You know, when I think about this whole process, I think the overriding feeling is tenderness. Not from us to God, though we do love him so, but from God to us. I just feel that He’s so tenderly been guiding us – it’s just quite amazing, and humbling that He would take such care to be so tender to us. I’m tearing up a little, just thinking of it.

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