We’re sitting here in our hotel room, in San Francisco, still absorbing the fact that we’ve finally made it past the interview process, and have been accepted as missionaries. We’re no longer “missionary candidates”. We’re “missionaries”! Of course, we’ve always been missionaries, but it’s just so amazing that we’re finally that much closer to going to Japan. It’s a journey that’s taken ten years so far, but as we look back on that time it’s just so amazing to see the care with which God has guided us.

Though our journey hasn’t been as lengthy as Moses’ forty years, we start to appreciate his time of preparation in light of our own. We can’t help but think that later in life perhaps Moses looked back on that time with great fondness. So many “bethels” would have been established – things that would likely have helped him get through the trials that he later faced as leader of Israel. God’s wisdom is truly far above our own.

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