And now...the results!

Well, Christmas is finally over. God did some amazing things over this season, and we thought we would share them with you too!

Our last blog looked forward to our home Christmas outreach party, a kids' Christmas party, the church service and party, Peter playing violin at a wedding, finishing our ESL certification course, Christmas carolling, and a few other events...all within the span of two weeks.

Kids' Christmas Party

The kids' Christmas party was the day before our home outreach. Peter…

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Peace in Chaos

This Christmas is extremely busy for Peter and me—probably the most busy that we've been at Christmas…ever! That says a lot, coming from someone whose childhood years included an extremely fragmented extended family. My parents were the only one that seemed to be on speaking terms with everyone, so we celebrated family Christmas at least five times, not to mention the various church events, school events, and so on.

Then, after Peter and I got married, he became a pastor. That has its...

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