The beginning of Obon

This weekend is Obon in Okinawa. This Buddhist festival takes place at a different time than in the rest of Japan, and is a three-day long celebration where families worship deceased ancestors.

In the days leading up to Obon, families will visit the graves of their ancestors to tidy and decorate them.

Right now, we have Eisa dancers coming up and down all of the streets in our area. They dance, sing, and play their drums in a welcoming ceremony for the spirits.


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Be Still…

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While they were on, we watched the Olympics. It’s an interesting experience to watch them in a foreign country. We understood none of the commentary, but since Japan participates in different areas than Canada, we did get to see sports that we’d never seen before. We’ve watched table tennis, rhythmic synchronized gymnastics, and lots and lots of judo: a sport that we’ve come to really enjoy.

Through the Olympics I gradually...

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