Our First Real Typhoon


Our first big typhoon is on its way, and we just received our notification from the Canadian consulate. Hmm, we live beside a river, which is basically ocean water funneled by our house. I wonder if there will be flooding…


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Dear Canadian citizen,

As you may have already heard on the news, Typhoon Guchol (Typhoon #4) is headed towards Japan. The main island of Okinawa will be hit by strong winds from this afternoon, with very strong winds forecast for...

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A New Family Member


Over the past several months, Peter has made some great connections with many of his ESL students. In our formal ministry with Asian Access, Fridays became my favourite night of the week. We would have an early dinner, Peter would leave at 6pm for one of his ESL classes, and I would spend the evening praying for him and his students as he taught them about Jesus. Peter would return at about 10pm, and share with me about how the class went. I wrote down his stories.

One week, they studied...

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