Health Update


We have done our best to communicate my health condition with those of you who have emailed us over the last couple of months, but we also know that it’s likely that we won’t have a chance to talk individually with every single person, so we also just wanted to take a moment to update you on my current health situation.

We mentioned in our Christmas newsletter that I had encountered an issue with a damaged nerve. It is located in my back, and for the moment has rendered me...

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Ministry of Presents

This reads: “Birthday Party”… or at least that’s what I have been told!

Today was a special day. I went to a senior’s centre and helped them celebrate all the birthdays for the month of February. My Christian friend, Mitsuru (pronounced “Mee-tsoo-roo”), works here and thought it would be a good opportunity for him to share a little bit of his faith, while being entertaining! Between the two of us we played about 40 minutes of music. He played some traditional Okinawan...

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A Hug From God


Today was a rather disappointing day. Peter went off to church in the morning. He came home for an hour between church and heading off in a different direction for a church dedication for which he was slated to play violin. After violin, he was scheduled to attend a Church Network meeting, with all of the various pastors in the Okinawa Church Network. Both the dedication and the network meeting were scheduled to take place in the same location, in Nishihara (about half an hour away from...

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