A Successful Flu!

This past Friday we had a training session on language learning. We talked about what we needed (i.e. accountability, encouragement…etc…), some strategies (working with language helpers, formal lessons, Kumon etc.) as well as some of our experiences: successes, failures, and fears. The trainer on the call indicated that even with his language skills (which are high-level intermediate or advanced) he still fears talking on the phone. We all agreed that the phone is by far the scariest...

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Who knew children could be cute and intimidating at the same time?

We started Kumon in January. For those who are unfamiliar with Kumon, it is an after-school class where students work through workbooks in order to improve math skills (in Canada, at least). I am not there for math. In Japan, they also offer Japanese language classes: one stream for foreigners, and another for school children. Once I’m finished the foreigners’ stream, I’ll go into third grade Japanese with the kids. The teaching continues up into high-school level language. It...

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The Parable of the Lost Ring


Today is Monday: our day off, our day of rest, our day to spend with God and rejuvenate, our time to prepare for the week to come. Today that didn’t happen… at least not the way that I had expected. Late this afternoon I decided I would go for a walk to a nearby river with lots of birds and plants, take some pictures of the nature around me, and pray.

Now as you walk with me, a short backstory for our travel. In 2008 I jammed my finger in a door, resulting in what I thought was...

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