A KFC Christmas!


The most expensive KFC ever!

Well, our adventure continues! Two weeks ago I took the plunge and went to KFC. We have one just around the corner from our house. It always seems to be empty, but there is always a car in the drive-through. I entered the restaurant (there was a statue of Colonel Sanders beside the door… he was dressed up like Santa!) and walked up to the counter. In broken Japanese I think I said something to the effect of “KFC… Christmas… Buy?” At the end of the...

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The Great Itoman Stamp Shortage


With almost four hundred Christmas cards to mail out this year, Peter made the trip last week to go and purchase some stamps. In Canada, if you go to a post office, or even Business Depot, you can purchase rolls of stamps in lots of one hundred. To ensure that we wouldn’t have any problems, we decided that Peter should go to the larger Itoman post office rather than the one closer to our apartment.

When he got there and asked for four hundred stamps, the lady at the post office didn’t...

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Christmas Time

Well… It’s Christmas… but a strange Christmas for us. We aren’t bundled up… we aren’t trying to keep the salt off our car from the streets… we are warm… and cozy… It’s cold here, for Okinawans! It’s 24C today, with 65% humidity, a slight breeze flowing through our apartment. Today I said “Self, enough’s enough! It’s time to put up the Christmas decorations!” So out came the Christmas suitcase, to be freshly unpacked… Up went the tree, the stockings were hung...

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