Walking Humbly With Our God, part IV

Those of us who are conservative Christians sometimes get it into our heads that the hard way is also the most godly one. We know that following God and leading a God-honouring life is difficult, so whenever we are faced with two decisions, the hard path is clearly the one we should pick. Right? 


Just ask the Pharisees.

They made life very difficult for themselves. They always chose the most onerous path. If there was any doubt about something, they always chose the most cautious…

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Walking Humbly With Our God, part III

Many of us have heard the story of the prophet hired by the Moabites to curse Israel. On his journey to meet the Moabite king, God sends an angel to kill him. The prophet can’t see him. However, the prophet’s donkey can. The donkey shies away from the angel with the flaming sword three times and is rewarded for her trouble with beatings. 

Finally, God opens the donkey’s mouth. “Why have you beaten me these three times?” she asks.

Balaam, beside himself with frustration, doesn’t even realize…

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