Echoes of Gratitude

“When you don’t have enough, be thankful for what you do have.”

My mother’s words continue to echo in my heart to this day, many years later. As missionaries, Peter and I have discovered that they can be applied to our lives in many ways, not just in the sphere of money. 

When I don’t have “enough” health, but am grateful for what I do have:

  • God opens my eyes to see how I can use my bad health to encourage other people with bad health. When I injured my back, He gave me a ministry to…
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The Spiritual Lessons in Poop

Little boys everywhere will love me for this post. 

Those of us who are adults might shy away from it, but one of the reasons Jesus says, “You must become like children to enter the kingdom of heaven” [1] is that kids don’t shy away from difficult or gross topics the way adults do. 

So let me tell you about my recent thoughts on this topic, and how I came to the realization that we can learn a lot from our poopy, gross selves.

It all started just after I’d gone to the bathroom. You guessed…

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