Last Night of Noisemakers

Well, Friday Night Noisemakers is now over. It ran for three months, from April to June, and was it ever a blast! I was able to make some great connections with the people who attended—we had three regular attendees with another two occasional ones. In our last newsletter, we told the story of how one of the girls requested a Bible (to read more, click here). Today, I would like to share about our last session before the summer break. 

The week before, we’d collectively decided to have a movie…

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The Plenty in Pain

Over the past year, I've experienced intermittent pain in my arms and hands. Sometimes it has been so bad that I can't write or type. Sometimes it's been almost non-existant. During the time we were in Canada, I was unable to get a proper diagnosis, though physiotherapy seemed to help.

I decided to try Japanese physiotherapy, which Peter extols as much more effective than the Canadian version. Off I went to the orthopaedic surgeon for a physio prescription—you can see one in Japan with minimal…

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