How can God love me?

I've been meditating on an idea I had some time ago. I believe that this morning Jesus asked me to share it with you.

January 2, 2015

Today I was thinking about the nature of our relationship with Christ, as His bride. My thoughts strolled along, amd I started thinking about the nature of relationships in general, and how an emotionally healthy person won't naturally be attracted to an emotionally unhealthy one.

"What does this mean for our relationship with God, as the bride of Christ?" I…

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Citizen or Slave?

One day recently, I read Luke 19:11-27 in my devotional time. This is the parable of the money usage.

In it, a nobleman goes away to receive a kingdom. Beforehand, he gives out money to three of his slaves, with instructions to do business with it. When he leaves, some of his citizens send a delegation after him, trying to undermine his rule. When he returns, the slaves give their accounting. The first two have invested their money wisely, and have earned 100% return on investment. They are…

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