Message from Above


Last Thursday, we went out to feed Blackie again, in the evening. When we found her, we sat down along one of the many pedestrian paths in our area, and began to feed and pet her. Eventually, a man came up to us and sat down with us.


"My name is Theo," he said. We chatted for a little while, before his body language changed. "Have you eaten dinner yet?"

"Yes, we have."

"Do you like sushi?"


"Come with me. Let's eat sushi!"

Should we go with him? I asked God.

"Yes," He replied.

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Oba san's Funeral


We recently had the privilege of taking part in a funeral for a church member who passed away. Over the past four years, we've attended several funerals, but this one was special. The lady who died (Oba san*) had been a really integral part of the church, and was like a mother or grandmother to most of the rest of us. 

I have two memories of her that I especially cherish. The first is that when my back was injured, she faithfully prayed for me every day for more than a year until I was…

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