Supplementary Information

You can click on the image below to see a PDF sample of the materials from one of our Bible ESL classes.

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So far we have created one 12-week Bible ESL class, with another 5-week Christmas class in the works. After that, we will begin writing material for next year. It’s a fairly monumental task, requiring 2-3 days’ work per lesson. Our students have been enjoying experiencing the English language and Western culture on a multi-sensory level. Each lesson is made up of 6 pages. We have...

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Learning Kanji


Over the last couple of years, I have taken up several large projects: to name a few, writing a book, taking an online seminary course, and learning Kanji. Kanji are the Chinese characters which are used as part of the Japanese written language. The Chinese language has tens of thousands of characters, but after WWII, the Japanese standardized their linguistic procedures so that today there are about 2000 Kanji that are used for general purposes. A well-read person may know around 3000...

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