We’ve just come back from some training in Kobe, and once more I find myself marvelling at the ways in which God has prepared us to be here.

Over the last year or so, my communication style has changed to become much more ambiguous. Several family members and a couple work/engineering colleagues understandably expressed frustration at the amount of time that it took me to “get to the point” with this change in the way I communicate.

However, it would now appear that this change to...

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Jesus Feeds Five Thousand…


I was doing my devotions this morning and read about Jesus feeding the 5,000 with five loaves and two fish (Mark 6). I’ve always liked this miracle, but today a new meaning came to mind. In the same way Jesus said to the disciples “You feed them” (Mark 6:37) he’s calling Val and I to do the same. But I know I am not able. Then Jesus says to us “How much language do you have?” My response is: “A few words Lord, and a pretty good dictionary!” Then with that Jesus begins to do the work. We are…

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“My life is tired…”


We have been staying at “New Life Church: Seaside Chapel” for the past several days while waiting for our apartment to be ready. We will be able to move into our new home around October 1st. On our third day here something amazing happened.

We were pretty tired out because of the time change, so we took a rather lengthy nap. Afterwards we had planned to go grocery shopping, but we dawdled a bit because we were slow to wake up. Just as we were getting ready to leave there was a knock...

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