A dear friend of ours recently passed away. Her death was very sudden, and for the last few days I’ve just been numb with the shock. The good thing is that she was a Christian, so although she leaves behind her husband and two daughters, they have the amazing assurance that they will see her again.

Her husband shared with us a prayer that she’d written to God in the front of her Bible: a prayer that she would follow God all the days of her life. I thought, “What an amazing thing –...

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God’s Tenderness

I recently told a friend, “After all this time, Peter and I have finally applied and been accepted to become missionaries in Japan!” She commented to me that it sounded like we were a bit frustrated with the process of getting there.

It’s surprising, but our frustration level is actually very low. We’ve gone through bouts of frustration, but God has always been faithful to provide us with a small glimpse of what He’s been doing behind-the-scenes. For instance, there was one...

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