Thank you for considering becoming part of our ministry partnership team. We look forward to journeying with you as we carry out God's work in Okinawa. Our commitment is to pray regularly for all our partners, so please feel free to update us with prayer requests as we keep you in prayer before our Lord Jesus Christ (Click here to send us a message).

You have the option of partnering with us in two areas of ministry: by prayer and by finances.

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Partnering in Prayer

As we do work in Okinawa we need prayer. There are many principalities and powers working against us. Culture and local religions continue to hinder the salvation of many Okinawans.

If you choose to join with us in prayer we would love to know! Please contact us and tell us you're praying for us! It would be a great encouragement to hear from you. Please also let us know how we can be in prayer for you. We are regularly praying for our partners and we would love to take your praise and requests to our Lord.

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Partnering With Finances

As we continue to spread the good news of Christ in Okinawa, we appreciate your financial partnership. These finances not only help pay for our living expenses, but they also cover all the things we do ministry-wise as well.

We are so blessed to have established a dedicated team of individuals whose desire it is to see God's work done in Okinawa. If you would like to join this team and partner with us financially, please click here

1. Pledge Form (cheque, automatic bank withdrawal, credit card)

2. Online Donation (credit card; additional 3% admin cost)

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