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Revealing Christ to the World
Since 1943

In 1932, the Scottish evangelist James Stewart left to share the gospel in eastern Europe. When he eventually returned to Canada in 1943, he founded the European Evangelistic Crusade in Toronto, Canada. The following year, the U.S. arm of the organization was established. At one point, the European Evangelistic Crusade was the largest missions organization operating in Europe.

However, as time went on mission leadership recognized the need to expand the scope of the organization with the recognition that God makes no distinction between countries, and home and foreign missions. In 1971 its name was changed to "Global Outreach Mission", to reflect its expanded objective. G.O.M. has now grown to over 500 missionaries serving in more than 50 countries around the world.

Global Outreach Mission operates a wide range of programs, including specialized missionary evangelism, leadership training, children's ministries, education, Christian medical and relief work, church planting, radio, and development ministries. An interdenominational fellowship, G.O.M. reaches out to people with the good news about Jesus on every level.

The strategy of Global Outreach Mission includes constructing partnerships not only with foreign missionaries, but also cross-culturally with national believers and representatives. In our own ministry, it is our goal to provide resources and support for the growth and multiplication of the local church. Our goal, along with that of G.O.M., is to help establish national churches that are able to govern and support themselves as soon as possible, with the aim of establishing new churches themselves in the future.

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